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Tesna Energy Co., Ltd.
has been established as the full-time in the woody biomass gasification plant business by Kiminori Takahashi with many years of experience in the biomass related facilities and Takashi Yamamoto who is the President of Eco-System Engineering Co., Ltd.
The reformed gas from woody biomass gasification plant can be generated the electric power,
and moreover can be produced the hydrogen for fuel cells and industrial use.
We would like to undertake the enterprise which made it the purport to progress in the regional vigorous-activity
and the sustainable development through this enterprise.

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Carbonizing Furnace (patented)

The charcoal having carbon purity of 80% or above can be produced. In case of carbonizing at a low temperature, pyroligneous acid and wood tar will be generated in addition to charcoal. These impurities will cause the serious trouble of blockades of piping, etc.. In order to solve this serious trouble, a carbonization furnace must be constantly operated at the temperature of 1200 ℃(2192 °F). The feature of TESNA's Carbonizing Furnace is to provide the heat storage pot of heat resisting steel which can be maintained at the temperature of around 1000 ℃(1832 °F). By the combustion of wood tips in the furnace, the internal temperature of the furnace is risen up to 1200 ℃(2192 °F), and the carbonizing furnace is allowed the operation temperature of 1200 ℃(2192 °F).

Reforming Furnace (patented)

Water gas of 60% of hydrogen content is generated. Hydrogen concentration is governed by the temperature at the part where the charcoal and steam are contacted and mixed in the Reforming Furnace. Therefore, it is necessary to uniformly stabilize the temperature of this part. In this furnace, the temperature control is realized to provide the heat storage pot and to supply the high temperature gas from the carbonizing furnace.

Biomass Gasification Unit (patented)

This is biomass gasification equipment which generates water gas after carbonizing the biomass. It can be prevented to stick the unreacted residue in the equipment by uniformly becoming stabilized the temperature of thermal decomposition and gasification furnaces with less heat loss by developing two (2) patented furnaces mentioned the above. Thereby, a miniaturization can be realized.


Woody Biomass Gasification
(Reforming Gasification)

Reforming gasification power generation is by thermochemical conversion, with steam reforming reaction.
Reforming Gas Reaction: C+H2O → CO+H2
① Carbonizing wood chips at 1200 deg.C (2192 deg.F)
② Making carbide steam reforming.
③ Generating Power by driving gas engine with 44% hydrogen and air.

Production of Hydrogen Gas
(High Purity Hydrogen for Fuel-Cell Car)

Since the reforming gas produced from TESNA PROCESS is contained 60% or more hydrogen, it may to produce the high purity hydrogen of 99.999% by installing the PSA hydrogen purification equipment additionally.

Waste Heat Utilization
(Waste Heat from Carbonizing Furnace and Power Generator)

In TESNA PROCESS, the exhaust gas from carbonizing furnace is utilized as heat source of a superheater and raw material drying. The exhaust gas (approx. 500 deg.C(932 deg.F) – 600 deg.C(1112 deg.F)) from power generator is utilized as heat source to produce saturated steam and hot water.

Ecosystemic Carbide
(Activated Carbon)

The carbide discharged from the carbonization furnace of the TESNA PROCESS has the excellent performance as it is. Although ordinary carbide or other porous material like Zonolite has adsorption ability, they have not capacities of ionic exchange and sterilizing power. However, bio-carbide discharged from carbonizing furnace of TESNA PROCESS has ionic exchange capacity, sterilizing power, and adsorption capability. This characteristics are originated in new type of high efficiency carbide into which is given plant enzyme (200 sorts) with a focus on Pine-Aloe enzyme, and plant lactobacillus. Also, the activated carbon production can be developed by using this bio-carbide.

Production of Hydrogen System

With No Tarr,No waste Water!



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